The Worst 9 Mistakes You Make When it Comes To Editing Real Estate Photos

If you want to show the true personality of a home then you should require the skill set to edit the photos of the real estate to attract buyers to consider a property that is on sale.

Because photo editing has become more prevalent when it comes to promoting real estate pictures online or offline to attract buyers who are in the investing stage. Photo editing brings up life to the photos but too much editing makes the image look fake and tacky.

As we know photography in today’s generation is becoming more competitive. Everyone is looking for professional photographs without any errors that would generate tons of profit in the real estate business.

Now, this is the time of digital promotion as everyone who is willing to invest their money in real estate business is online looking to sell or buy the property.

And high clarity images attract the human minds that convey the story of the interior & exteriors.

Properly edited photos will represent your brand and build that signature style that every buyer will have in their mind.

Because these photographs will convey the real truth about you and your brand and will help to generate more sales.

And this is the only possible way when professional editors work with their professional editing tools without too much post-production that can instantly change the whole scenario of the image.

They know how images can change brand credibility and respect in the market.

Don’t take the risk to edit your photos even if you know using photo editing tools, this might end up with no SALES at the endEditblocks

Here are some real estate photo editing mistakes that you need to look upon:- 

1. Giving less time to analyze real estate photographs

This is the common mistake often seen and avoided by photo editors when transferring the files to the client that is neglecting the parameters like lighting, viewing angle, white balance, buyers angle view, the adjustment in brightness and contrast and even for staging.

Because analyzing those parameters in the pictures will let you know the real value of the pictures before you pass on the output to the client.

If the parameters are well checked and verified then it’s good to promote online and offline and would drive maximum results.

According to us: We walk through the real estate photos parameters to analyze those critical areas, why those photographs work and create a massive result for our clients.

2. Not using Tripod

Tripods can get you better results when shooting real estate photographs resulting in sharp and high-quality pictures with the help of natural or artificial light. A tripod helps to adjust the shutter speed. You can easily adjust the height of the tripod according to your needs to shoot everything in a straight line.

Tips: Invest in using a tripod when shooting pictures and avoid hands that might produce blurry and dark effects in the photographs.

3.Higher-resolution better the quality

Most photographers make mistakes in choosing the digital camera with low sensors that typically do not produce good results in different lighting conditions.

Mega Pixel is an important factor when it comes to real estate photography because high-resolution photographs provide room to edit and look better without a drop in quality. As when you crop you will not see any lack in the image quality.

Tips: So it is perfect to focus on the sensor size of the camera to get high-resolution pictures.

4.Unprepared to shoot the area

Another most commonly seen mistake in the photographs of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom having unwanted things like clearing all counters and tables, garbage, waste papers, and other things that create a negative impact on the buyer’s view. Through editing, it’s possible to exclude those things but it is the responsibility of the photographer to look upon and prepare the room before a shoot begins. So after editing it will look more perfect and natural.

Tips: Always take time to clean the areas properly, only include those items that create a big impact in the image like showing up fresh flowers for pops of color, decorating the room with nice curtains and blinds, etc.

5. Not spending enough time on the shooting location

There are photographers who don’t take it seriously when shooting photographs in the property. The reason is they don’t spend enough time on the location to know and study the property, the angle, lighting, structure, shadows, and preparation of the place, etc and that ends to bad quality pictures.

And it becomes very tuff to turn those pictures into high quality when the overall clarity is low.

Tips: It’s recommended by us to spend maximum time in the location to study the property and look in the eyes of buyers when they view the property.

6.Lots of Distortion

Human eyes can fetch the correct proportion of the property where the camera doesn’t. An incorrect setting in the camera can lead to distortion with lines that do not straighten and look crooked and the final result looks ugly when represented in front of others.

Tips: Through editing, it can be fixed but through camera setting, we can slightly reduce the distortion level.

7.Excess cropping

Excess cropping the image might destroy the potential of the property mainly the exterior and interiors

and can impact the overall look of the property. Cutting down the essential elements in the images might impact sales.

Tips: It’s better not to over crop the image and to show the full potential of the property to the client and to the buyers.

8. Unaware of layers and action when editing images

Most photo editors don’t know much about the layer’s functionality and its action when editing images using advanced photo editing tools and pictures look unprofessional and over-edited. So there are so many tricks and shortcuts hidden when working with layers and actions to get the work done easily.

Tips: It’s better to pass on your pictures to professional photo editors who know how to handle editing and to get the work done in minutes.

9.Editing photos individually

Most of the unprofessional editors try to edit photos one by one where they don’t know that there is an effective way to edit the photo through the batch process which makes editing very simple and time-saving to execute the work on time. Editing each and every image requires time and patience and the client doesn’t have time to wait for the results because this is not artistic work but professional looking photos to sell online or offline.

Tips: Through batch editing, you can save your time when it comes to correcting the lens, lines, white balance adjustment, lighting, etc.


With dull lighting and bad weather conditions you are able to edit the photos if you got the right skills to rectify the lack and convert into a high-quality image using advanced photo editing tools.

Through editing, you can hide the negative defect and enhance the positive elements presented in the image.

If you need to learn more about photo editing terms used in real estate you can go through our post about basic photo editing terms learned and applied to know how editing works.

Also if you require any help in editing your real estate images then you can try our FREE TRIAL OFFER  where our professional photo editors will help you with editing and post-processing your images. 

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