Why Do You Need Car Image Editing Service? When you’re almost broke!

Shooting photos on a bright sunny day or in the showroom, which contains ambient or artificial light causes reflection on the car body and also in the mirror. 

When you view those images on laptop, you may notice, scratches, shadows, dirt, cracks, potholes or dent on your car, the photos would be not so real, so you need to remove those things which you notice in your images and to tone down some of the highlights or the shadows on your car, or change the background.

If you want to bring that natural look of the car, then you need to edit and retouch those images using photo editing tools.

If you have no experience working with photo editing tools, then things might go wrong. 

Your images will not look PROFESSIONAL, and it would distract your viewer’s attention or your potential buyers when they see the scratches or dents in your car.

If you’re looking to edit your car images using image editing tools, then it’s a risky job. 

You need to be more CAREFUL when dealing with the reflection on the car body and the mirror; it’s a tiresome job to remove the reflections and to bring the original color of the car. A small mistake can look more ugly when someone views your editing works.

And also you have to work on the potholes, shadows, dark areas, nearby object reflection, car interiors, etc. That requires time and patience to eliminate those errors from the image. 

The excessive use of editing tools without knowing the exact adjustment might end up your photos to look awful.

 Instead of looking to enhance the quality of the picture, your editing tool might distort the look of the car, and it will look ridiculous and might not fit to promote on magazines, brochures, or on Facebook or Instagram. 

Which  ends up losing hope and hate yourself, “why am I not able to edit my images as like others do.”

You can’t be an expert on every area of your work like we say Jack of all trades, master of none.”

So focus on those areas in which your perfect and like the most to do it more often.

Why not take help from someone to edit your photos?

Who is already an expert in editing photos for years to produce color-rich, detailed images.

In case when you promote your processed pictures online or offline then you can be able to attract buyers and quickly convince them to purchase the car and that results in quick sales and an increase in profit in your business.

Whom to choose to edit your car images to a freelance, inhouse team or a photo editing company?

You can outsource your images to a freelancer or hire a team, or you can outsource your images to photo editing company who can make your pictures look more professional.

Hiring a team of photo editors will cost you more and also more time consuming to teach and make them work. It’s a burden to pay for the salary every month. Mostly on offseason where there won’t have much demand for cars.

 Hiring a Freelancer who is a single person, might take more time to edit your 130 to 400 images at once, and if you need your pictures done within an hour, then you will be charged more for an hourly rate. Also, they will charge extra for any changes in images when you don’t find it convenient on the first trial.

Outsourcing your photos to the photo editing team will be profitable as the rate will be low, and work will evenly distribute among the photo editing team. Capable of handling bulk images at a time, so that you can quickly meet your deadlines on delivering the pictures on time.

Car image editing after image
Output will look something like this and would possible to make necessary changes.

A complete Automobile Image Editing Services includes :

  1. Car Image color correction
  2. To remove the glare from the image
  3. Background removal plus replacement
  4. Image retouching working on the reflection, highlights, ground
  5. Overall Image Editing
  6. Brightness Adjustment and noise reduction
  7. Elimination mirror reflection
  8. Creating car shadows
  9. Editing interiors parts of the vehicle
  10. Car image clipping
  11. Car Background Image Editing
  12. 360 Image view
  13. Car clipping path

Benefits that you will receive in Editing and Retouching your Car Images when you outsource your images to an automobile image editing company.

  • Quick turnaround time so you can promptly meet your deadline on time.
  • Latest cutting edge technology like Photoshop and Lightroom which provides better flexibility to retain the original shadows, clean up the dirt, cracks, potholes, or removal any distracting objects from the image. To get gorgeous looking car images to sell online or offline.  
  • Highly experienced and skilled professionals who are committed to delivering the work on time and with an increase in sales by offering quality work as expected by your clients or customers.
  • 24/7 customer support and assistance so you will get help from the support team to resolve your queries or any update/alteration in work can easily be made, which is risk-free, affordable and rapid.
  • Competitive rates – No hidden charges nor any extra charges and Prices are fixed as per the marketing standards. So you can pay for the service with full confidence.

We are into automobile image editing and retouching, helping car owners and car photographers to edit their vehicle images.

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