What is Photo Editing?? I didn’t knew about it”

“Photo editing is an essential work for every photographer to make their photos look more attractive and outstanding.”

Image editing - photoshop tool to edit the image

And you are a photographer?

YES !! No matter if you’re using a professional camera or your using your phone camera to click photos but to be said you are a photographer in yourself.

And editing your photos using Free Image Editing tool makes it look more attractive and more appealing when posted on your Facebook or your Instagram profiles. Making changes in brightness, contrast adjustment, color tone, cropping and much more. Phone editing tool provides a standard-setting to use daily to enhance the image.

But if you like to know the REALITY of photo editing, then you need to work on advanced photo editing tools to edit your photos and see the changes that would amaze you, tools that you can use Photoshop, Lightroom, Gimp, Canva etc.

Have you ever seen professional photos on Social Media?

Professional photos processed by professional photographers using advanced photo editing tools, and they won’t use free editing tools to edit photos. It won’t provide much flexibility in producing better effects. Shooting photos from the camera appear dull in RAW format, so editing comes into play to enhance the look of the image, giving much room to process and alter photos.

Image editing - before & After Image

Photo editing is something which is a vast topic to discuss to change the overall appearance of the image. So if your a photographer or a business person or a student looking to know more about photo editing then keep reading…

What is meant by photo editing?

Photo editing means enhancing or changing the looks of the image. These images can be digital, illustration, prints, films or photographs no matter what format is it; you can create or modify your new model with the existing image or change something different which is quick and easy.

What are the basics of image editing?

  1. Image Sharpening – is a technique to increase apparent sharpness of an image
  2. B&W Conversion – it’s an amazing black & white conversion in Photoshop
  3. Background change – replace or change the background of the image
  4. Skin retouching – sculpting and softening the images in photoshop
  5. Lens correction –  fixing lens distortion 
  6. Resizing and cropping – resize the image,crop and straighten the images
  7. Color adjustment – adjusting specific colors hue & saturation 
  8. White balance – adjusting the colors to make the image natural
  9. Noise reduction – is the process and technique to reduce noise from the image
  10. Other basics adjustment – color adjustment to change the overall tone of your image

Advance photo editing requires more experience and training to deal with complex photos and it usually based on the requirement.

Some experts photographers have those skills to edit their own photographs in their way,And some of them take help of photo editors to save their time in editing the images.

Intermediate Level – Image editing technique

1.Zoom Blurring – this is a technique to add motion to a photo using zoom blur effect.
2.HDR Conversion – converting normal images to HDR form.
3.Image Noise Reducing – is a technique to eliminate unwanted noise from the photo.
4.Dodging and Burning – dodging and burning are terms used in photography for a technique used during the printing process.

Advanced level – Image editing technique

1.Advance skin retouching retouching the area of the face like teeth,wrinkles,blemishes,eyes etc.

2.Image Clipping –  it’s consists of background removal ,edit,crop ,fix colors ,add shadows, reflections etc.

3.Photo maskingimage masking is the process to change the background of an image which consist of blurred/fuzzy edges, transparent or hair portions.

4.Image manipulationit involves photo transformation and alteration.

5.Photo stitching it’s a technique to stitch multiple images into one to produce a panoramic image.

6.Portrait Image correction – process to give portrait image a professional look.

If you’re looking to process your images, then you need to learn the concept first and implement in your image.

There are so many software available which work manually or automatically as per the needs of the photo editors. Experienced photo editors go with manually editing which gives more room to edit the photos.

There two types of digital photo editing

Pixel editing means editing the image at the pixel level, altering the pixel permanently. Destructive way of editing the image is not so easy to undo or to restore the original image file to achieve specific detailed edits and to accomplish certain functions.

image editing - pixel editing using pen tool

Parametric Image Editing – Also called as non-destructive image editing PIE, that doesn’t alter the original image but creating instructions or parameters for adjustment as the photos are edited and used for other file types when needed without altering the pixel.

Top industries use PIE as their leading image editing technology to refine, add or adjust a set of instructions to use whenever it required — most effective way of editing the image.

Why is photo editing is so important?

Is the photo editing necessary? Think again, if you’re a beginner and looking to edit your images then you can go with normal editing and test with your creativity. But if your a professional photographer working for clients who are into real estate, editing his or her images will provide stunning results and will attract more customers and would help your clients to sell the property more easily without defining much.

What are the best online photo editing tools ?

Photo editing software will make you life easier to edit, crop, retouch, mask and other such techniques which is carried out to enhance the quality of the images.

 And will know how to edit the photos effectively to improve the beauty of the image and to make it feel professional to promote online in social media platforms or offline in magazines, newspapers, catalogue etc.

There are various photo editing software which are paid and free to use. Here are the lists of paid and free photo editor tools which will improve your experience in working with photographic images.

image editing tools

Best photo editing tools for 2019 

  1. Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2019
  2. Corel PaintShop Pro
  3. Affinity Photo
  4. Skylum Luminar ( Paid Version)
  5. Adobe Photoshop ( Paid Version)
  6. Capture One 
  7. On1 Photo RAW
  8. Corel PaintShop Pro
  9. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate
  10. Gimp (Free Tool)
  11. Canva (Free Tool)
  12. Picmonkey 

Do you know about Photo editors?

Have you ever heard about photo editor why they exist? and how can they help you to achieve your goals? They’re the photo editing experts who do digital photo editing, graphic designing, artwork or any other editing work that depends upon the industry and company’s requirement. 

Photo editors also work as a Freelancer or incorporate industries to support international customers with their editing works and most of the time they spend to edit and retouch images based on the requirement of their customers. You can also be a photo editor if you’re interested in photo editing and looking to learn editing photos.

What’s the role of Photo editor?

Experienced photo editors can edit photos as required by the photographers as most of the time photographers will be spending time in shooting pictures.And they will not get much time to edit bulk images in a limited time.

So photo editor plays an essential role in helping photographers or any businessman to edit the photos as required. If your busy with your clients clicking pictures for them and couldn’t find enough time to edit your photos then outsourcing your pictures to these guys will help to save your valuable time and money and would be able to deliver your work faster to your clients.

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