How Do Virtual Renovation Photos Help To Sell Your Home?

How Do Virtual Renovation Photos Help To Sell Your Home?

Home staging has become the most effective trend in today’s real estate business, especially for sellers who are looking to sell their homes.

And Virtual renovation, which is also known to be virtual staging helps real estate agents to sell homes online by showing the full space potential to the buyers.

You can efficiently declutter and depersonalize the property according to your buyer’s taste and sell them the property at a higher price without investing money on traditional staging.

The cost to stage homes is rising, and most of the staging companies are selling their services at a premium price which costs $2000 to $3000.

Staging on your own is also a tedious job to gather modern furniture, paintings, photographs, plants, appliances and much more to decor an ideal home.

With the virtual renovation, you can easily cut the rental cost to take out the furniture, artwork, appliance and much more to decor the empty home.

According to “Judy Dutton, deputy editor at confirms that virtual staging is a fast-growing trend. It’s much cheaper than staging a home traditionally.”

Getting trouble to stage your home??

83% of the buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. (source)

So if your listing photos can convey the story which is natural and genuine, then you can attract more buyers no matter if you use the traditional way to stage your home.


If you feel the cost and the time is the main issue to stage your home, then virtual staging can be a better option to list your photos with better furniture placement and proper room arrangements digitally.

And this creates an emotional connection with the buyers to that property. That accelerates to a quick home sale.

Isn’t it wrong to alter the photos as per the buyer’s taste ?

Do you have a gorgeous well-lit breakfast nook or an incredible lighting fireplace inside your home or greenery grass outside the home?

 How about to decor your kitchen or your family rooms to show off the look of the room with modern furniture which makes it look natural and gives a better option to the seller to sell the home at a higher price.

Where virtually staged pictures can be used as a blueprint to generate more appointments who are willing to see the property.

Through the virtual renovation of your home, you can show some design tricks to hide the weakness of the house and show the potential capabilities of the rooms using before and after pictures.

When should Virtual Staging be used?

If your seller can’t be able to incur the traditional staging cost than virtual staging can be a better approach for marketing real estate photos online or offline which provides the same benefits as you will get from traditional staging at a less cost.

Should there be a statement that the home has been virtually staged? 

 It is always a good idea to disclose in the MLS listing with a disclaimer. If virtual staging is used, it would appear that disclosures should be made so that potential purchasers know that the photograph has been edited to add furniture etc. If the disclaimer isn’t posted, then neither should the images.

Ending our words

According to us, it’s worth considering. It’s not too expensive and all-around more comfortable to do.

Virtual staging are the initial step to getting the seller to understand how much actual staging will do to help sell the home at a better price.

 It’s just a part of selling the value of staging. 

Keep in mind Virtual staging is not the way to replace traditional staging but a budget-friendly tool for real estate agents and sellers to show the potential of a home digitally.

Our virtual renovation service is to give buyers a better understanding of how to layout an empty home online to look more attractive and recognizable.

Check this article whether virtual staging worth it when it comes to sell the Home?

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