Outsource Real Estate Photo Enhancement Services – Why it’s HELPS to Reduce your Editing Time

How much time do you spend to edit your photos?

1 hour , 2 hour or 3 hour or even more time on editing your images??

When you handle 35+ photos for each client, then handling two or three clients might be around 150 images approx.

And editing each image might take around 4 to 6 minutes based upon your experience in editing the photos.

And overall, it might take around 120 minutes working on the images.

Most of your time, you would be doing post-processing,and other retouching techniques to correct the images.

Sometimes you might get stuck or would waste time on editing the images like window pulling, color casts, flash fix, post-processing and on other retouching techniques which would KILL your valuable time in enhancing the photos.

Mostly photographers do hate spending time on computers editing the photos.

So what’s the fastest way to reduce the time on editing real estate photos?

One way is to master yourself in retouching the photos and the second way is to take help of someone who would be able to accomplish your work on time with high-quality images without sacrificing too much on quality.

Outsourcing your work can be a time-saving job where you won’t have to worry about your editing part and even if you have mastered the real estate editing techniques you need to spend time on editing your work.

That’s a massive pain after a long day shoot you might not feel sitting in front of your computer to retouch your client images. You feel unproductive at that time.

Comment your thoughts which one is more effective outsourcing or on the editing of your photos of your own?

Why do you need to outsource your real estate photography?

It saves time and money without compromising on quality. High-quality images are expected to process with n numbers of revisions. All you need to provide your requirements and photo editors will handle the rest of your job.

Why it’s so effective in the off-season?

Selling homes in the offseason is a challenging job for agents as people don’t buy or sell homes, so the market goes down. The seller would probably look to sell the property quickly and would be ready to negotiate with the price. To continue booking your photography work in the off-season, you need to approach more agents.

Demand for real estate photographers also goes down. So through outsourcing your photos, you can save the editing time and hunt for more agents who are in need to shoot their property not only in the off season but on every season to get yourself busy with your work.

The hours which you spend on editing can be more productive in building your brand. Do online marketing by running ads on Facebook and Google to generate more leads and create relationships with other brokers and grow your brand.

Is it safe to outsource your real estate photos for editing?

Yes, it safe to outsource your real estate photos. At Edtiblocks we do image editing work for clients they outsource their work, and we do the rest to edit and retouch their problems based upon their requirements, and we are from India having a big team to handle multiple clients. The great thing about our photo editors is that they can edit basic and complex areas of the image. Your image will be edited by our professional editor that has been trained to perform the task assigned to him.

Based upon our experience, our photographers, agents who outsourced their images to us have found a considerable improvement in their sales and also easily able to balance their professional and personal lives. This is where you can free up your life and generate more revenue.

You would have a negative view of outsourcing your work to someone where their work ethics are not right.But this is the truth, and this is what we do in dealing with our clients. And they’re satisfied with our work.

When to outsource your image editing work - inforgraphic

You can try our free trial offer to edit your sample photos to check how effective we are in editing your photos.

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