5 Reasons to KNOW – How MODERN Staging Boost your sale price compared to Traditional Staging

Virtual Staging vs. Real Staging, which is more useful to BOOST the sales, is still a doubt???

virtual vs physical staging

Physical staging does cost around $2,000 to $ 3,500 based upon the number of rooms and square feet for staging the entire home.

Still, when we compared virtual staging with physical staging, it cost not more than 50$ per image in terms of cost and quality of the photos to visualize the potential of a vacant property.

Based on reports, 90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process.

And the virtual staging is cheaper, more comfortable, and faster for agents, brokers, house owners, and for photographers who want to list their images online and to make their buyers HAPPY to provide the best deal on their next BIG investment.

5 Reasons why MODERN staging is more convenient than PHYSICAL staging

1.Time Consuming job  

Staging is a time consuming job when you deal in a traditional way that requires repairs, painting, cleaning before the house is scheduled for the buyers to view it LIVE. In contrast, virtual staging is quite easy to retouch the interiors with furniture to draw the buyer’s interest in a practical way when viewing the images online.And it would be the best option for a realtor to promote the full staged home in LESS time.

2.Cost is LOW

Staging a house is super expensive. We don’t think it is worth looking for physical staging if you’re running out of budget. Or if the homeowner is not ready to invest in physical staging.

 Physical staging would cost around $2500 for the first month and additional cost around $3000 for each month based upon the rate fixed by the renting company and other expenses includes painting the room, regular repairs, cleaning the rooms, whereas virtual staging would cost you around $30 to $45 per image and easy to earn discount package if you outsource bulk images that need to be staged(both indoor & outdoor).

4.Ulitimate transformation

Through virtual staging, it’s possible to paint the wall, add and replace furniture of an empty room according to your design.

Able to redecorate the entire home when dealing with messy coffee tables, kitchens, bookshelves, junks, and more.

Where in traditional staging, you need time to clean up the room and replace the existing, and adding up new furniture might be expensive and would consume most of your time in arranging and replacing the items.

Through modern staging, you can completely redecorate and furnish the whole property.

5.Sells it fast 

We discussed with realtors and photographers based upon the virtual staging, and here what we found virtual staging sell it fast when compared to the traditional stage.

When buyers view the staged home online, they visualize themselves living in the house and book a meeting with an agent to see the home in real life.

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