Is Virtual Staging Worth When it Comes To Selling The Homes?

No doubt, virtual staging worth its value, and most of the realtors who can’t afford $500 to $700 per month to stage rooms, then virtual staging is the best option to sell faster and also drives traffic. ..Virtual staging is a marketing tool for agents and sellers to show buyers the potential of a home.
is virtual staging worth for realtors?

What does a buyer expect from realtor or seller when it comes to home staging?

Buyers expect to see the fully furnished home with modern furniture designs that fill up the empty rooms.

We talked to some of the real estate agents who come to us to stage their homes they said buyers are not willing to check the vacant listing but fully staged home.

They talk about the dining room, kitchen, master bedrooms, kid rooms are the significant rooms that grab buyers’ attention.

And home staging comes into play when it comes to redesigning the empty home.

Check out this article about virtual staging vs real staging.

We questioned whether list empty or list staged home pictures?

They said that they did experiment on posting vacant home pictures in real estate listing, and for the whole month, there were no calls nor any traffic to their website.

After they staged the home with quality pictures on the real estate listing, they found calls coming in and generating more traffic to their website.

They were getting more engagement and found people are getting imaginative when it comes to buying their dream home. 

Buyers don’t have an idea of how to redecorate the empty home, and through staging, it helps them to visualize better-filled spaces that grab their attention. Home staging allows buyers to connect to the house emotionally.

As we have seen, staged homes statistically sell faster, and that makes the house stand out from the competition.

How virtual staging work for both realtors and sellers?

What we’ve analyzed and experienced virtual staging is booming real estate business. We don’t know the exact virtual staging statistics, but still, it’s playing a significant role in terms of showing the versatility of the rooms in the house.

Technology is changing, and people are getting smart at investing in the real estate business.

Virtual staging is getting way better when it comes to saving money and time when compared to traditional staging.

We’re not against traditional staging, but this is the reality.

What if you don’t have any home stager near your locality?

What if you don’t have the latest furniture designs to decor the home as per the buyer’s wish?

What if you don’t have enough budget to stage the entire home that cost 1000$ to 3000$?

What if you want to outbreak the competition without spending much?

Then why not choose virtual staging if you’re facing the above problems. 

Then why not choose virtual staging if you’re facing one of the above problems.

Easily stage the rooms with the latest furniture designs, decor the interiors, outdoor enhancements, and also to remove or replace unnecessary items whichever you feel is right for your buyers to view like standing in the empty room.

Easy to replace and fix new design that assists buyers to view the property as they styled their own.Just a simple tweak in the photos to transform the overall look of the property to sell the home faster.

Imagine you just paid 100$ to stage your home images and posted those staged images on the listing, and after an hour, you’re getting calls from buyers who are curious to know more about the property price and willing to pay the amount which you decide how that feels?

You won’t have to spend 1000$ to 3000$ for every three or four months to the home staging company.

Modern staging is a cheaper deal,only have to pay a one-time fees to the virtual staging company to stage your home pictures.

Who is going to win?  

If you’re looking to know more about virtual staging and how to do it?

Then we are into the virtual staging business for the last four years, and from our point of view, it’s a huge market, and it’s growing FAST. 

 Also, customers are seeking a cheaper solution, as mentioned before. It’s not like real staging, but if you want to visualize, for example, different styles of furniture, it’s great.

And we provide virtual staging at a low price when compared to other competitors.

Also, you can grab our FREE Trial offer to edit your sample photos for FREE without spending hundreds of dollars per image. It is a perfect solution for everyone’s pocket.

Why don’t you try to BOOST your sales and generate more online views.

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