Is it better to sell a furnished or unfurnished home-This what we found

We would love to share our honest opinion, whether furnished or unfurnished homes sell faster.

Fully Staged home
 We have researched and discussed with real estate photographers about this, and most of them replied empty houses don’t sell quickly.

We don’t know about the human psychology behind it, but vacant homes are more difficult to sell from occupied ones.

What we analyzed is the 360 Virtual Furniture Staging view is the current trend to cast a virtual feel design of the interiors. 

Through this, potential buyers can easily navigate through the rooms from different angles with a single touch. 

Easy to replace and add furniture in the room with color touch-ups when required.

Now, most of the realtors are looking for 360 Virtual stagings for their homes, which provides a 3D look to impress their buyers who are looking for their next residence. And to compete with their competitors who are still following the same old traditional way of selling empty homes.

Around 94% of home buyers are browsing online on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And the property pictures is what attract the buyers to stay or to skip back. 

Filling the space with stylish furniture helps buyers to visualize how to decorate and use the area effectively for a great looking home with colorful interiors.

Currently, we staged a home for a real estate agent and a sample work to show how it makes the work more convenient for realtors and us when compared to physical staging. 

And more affordable to furnish the whole interiors in a virtual way.

Is staging a house for sale worth it, or it will cost you more??

According to the NAR report: 83% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.  

Buyers were more willing to walk through a home they saw online (38%), and buyers’ agents identified that staging would positively impact the home value if the house decorated to a buyer’s taste (37%). (Source).

One way is to acquire the furniture, accessories, and other decor items on a rental basis might cost around $200 to $300 per month.

 It might depend upon the quality and the location of the property, with a one-month security deposit to a rental company. 

Also, you need to hire a professional photographer to shoot pictures or videos for listing online.

We would recommend virtual staging is more convenient and cost-effective for real estate agents, house owners, and brokers who are looking to furnish the entire home. 

The best way is to hire a professional staging designer or outsource your photos to someone who can edit and provide the interiors that include – living area, bedroom, kitchen, and also the outdoors at an affordable price.


Upload your sample photos, and we will do the rest to furnish the home

How does a virtual staging company work?

When professional staging compared with virtual staging, then it cost thousands of dollars, along with the monthly expenses paid to the rental company for the furniture and other items to decorate the room.

With the help of virtual staging, you can easily add more furniture or replace the furniture to capture the buyer’s mind by showing the proper use of space.

For outdoors – virtual twilight effect, sky replacement, adding green grass, gardens adding furniture, and the outdoor pool is also the best option for a buyer to renovate the space.

outdoor virtual staging - before & After

For Indoors – Replacement or adding up new furniture based upon the color and style to match the room, adding plants, rugs, and other decorative items to design the room, 360 virtual stagings, and 3D & 2D Floor plan.

virtual staging - Before & After

High-quality images in an affordable price

Virtual staging company provides the end number revisions with a money-back guarantee and the best way to select your interior design to furnish the room at an affordable price, delivering high-quality images.

Free consultation and with a quick turnaround.


As we’re experts in virtual staging, we can offer you the best deal in furnishing your home that includes both indoor and outdoor furnishing based upon your requirements. 

We would make the necessary changes and fill the required space for you in a quick turnaround. 

If you’re new to virtual staging, then this could be a better deal for your real estate business.

What do you think? Whether a room requires a virtual or physical staging to boost sales, let us know in the comments.

General Faqs

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging comes under the modern stage where the editor edits and designs the empty spaces of the interiors to visualize the staging elements in the images that realistically boost the property appeal.

Is virtual reality going to change the real estate business?

Yes, virtual staging is going to change the real estate business because it is steadily gaining popularity in the real estate business, and it reduces the cost and save time when compared with traditional staging.

Does staging your investment property help you sell your home faster?

According to real estate analysis, staged home sells faster for more money when compared with unstaged homes. And it makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their next significant investment.

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