Interior Photo editing – Key Areas To FIX to boost your Real Estate Sales

Here’s what we found, 90% of the buyers are browsing online, mainly on mobile to find their next valuable home.

Interior Photo editing - How to fix it

We are into real estate image retouching to make your property look gorgeous. And we found that interiors images grab the human mindset fast when compared to exteriors images when posted online or in the magazine to grab the viewers’ or customers’ attention. It takes seconds to change the mindset of a human being to buy or leave the property. 

If you into real estate photography, then you undoubtedly require photo editing tools to retouch the photos to look more professional and a key to market and sells the home fast.

Here are the key areas to FIX your interiors photos

Remove Mirror Blemishes – Sometimes you will find the glare or reflection from the glass, and through photoshop it’s possible to remove the glare from the image to look clean and tidy.

White Balancing – It is possible to correct white balance quickly when dealing with interior shots, and it provides the extra character to an image to enhance the color tone that looks more professional.

Windows Pull – You need to create an extra layer to combine both the exposures and use the brush tool to remove the darker area of the window to get the perfect outer view.

Fix Horizontal & Vertical Distortion – It is essential to get your verticals, and horizontal lines fixed when you use wide-angle lenses to shoot real estate photography. Distortion can be adjusted using a tilt lens but using Photoshop, and you can easily manage to fix verticals and horizontal lines the crooked image.

Brightness and contrast adjustment – Interiors photos overexposed with green, blue or orange lights which don’t look natural and may not seem genuine for the buyers. So through Photoshop, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the images to look more natural in the eyes of the buyers.

Color Cast – Color cast is a common problem for a real estate photographer, and it’s unavoidable when working in ambient and artificial lights. You will notice lights bouncing up the ceiling, floor and the roof walls. By using image editing software, it is possible to remove color casts from walls, ceilings, furniture, floor and from other places in the room.

Virtual Staging – It is an advanced technique to declutter or to fill space with furniture and other decorative items to occupy the space that looks more appealing to the buyers.Very affordable in terms of cost when compared with traditional staging.

 Cropping & Rotation -Crop tool which enables you to crop the images with the ease of the size of your choice you require to show up. Rotation gives to a geometric transformation through a user-specified angle.

Image Stitching – Combining the interior images to create a panorama view, it would be 180 or 360 degrees based upon your requirement. And with the help of Photoshop tools to adjust auto-align, auto-blend layers, geometric distortion correction, as well as adaptive wide angle.

 HDR Exposure -This technique is commonly used and in-demand requirement by realtors to provide HDR high-quality images to their potential buyers. It would be done through processing accurate bracketed exposures and especially crucial for real estate photography.

These are the key features which you have to consider when working on your interior images based upon the requirement. It requires skills and patience when editing real estate photographs.

We have seen professional photographers who are just amazing in editing the photos in less time, and they can handle their personal life and work efficiently. Because of having a year of experience in photoshoots and editing, they gained the speed in providing value to their clients.

When you find that editing is consuming your valuable time and wouldn’t able to satisfy your realtor demand on time, then it could be a severe problem in delivering the value to your clients. And indirectly, it will affect your photography business. Also, it might be a burden to work extra time on weekends.

Outsourcing your clicks to an image editing company is a good option and more convenient to live the life you want. Also, you can able to scale your photography business to the next level without worrying about the editing part. Even you can earn a discount on bulk editing.

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