How To Enhance Real Estate Photos, Knowing BASIC Photo Editing Terms?

Taking pictures from your professional camera might end up turning some mistakes in your real estate photos even if you have set the correct setting in your camera or you own the years of skills in shooting real estate photos.

Enhance Real Estate Photos - Exterior shots

When you reach the site and find the weather is bad for shooting?

Will you wait for the next day or will start taking pictures when your client needs the edited photos on the very next day.

So you can’t cancel the shoot or else you won’t be paid for the day.

If your client doesn’t agree to reschedule the shoot then you have to be ready to shoot 

You can manage to shoot on interiors that won’t require any type of reschedule but when it comes to exteriors you need to be perfect to show the present condition of the property to your client.

Realestate Exterior Shot - Editblocks
Real Estate Exterior Shot
Real Estate Interior Shot - Editblocks
Real Estate Interior Shot

Pictures might look good when viewed on camera but when viewing those pictures on the desktop, photos end up with dark shadows, unwanted clutter, saturated colors,blown-out windows, etc.

Do you wonder what’s wrong with your camera??

It’s not your fault nor your camera did the mistake in taking photographs of the property.

Sometimes the camera can’t pick the right colors and angles as human eyes can.

Those errors can’t be rectified with your professional camera, to rectify those errors you need to revisit your client site and start taking the same pictures with different angles and in different settings.

You don’t think it might be more expensive, revisiting the client’s property to snap clicks.

Real Estate photographs are the main source of income for real estate agents to drive sales. High-quality pictures are the first step for the buyer  to view the exact 

property that can convey the story and its features that convince buyers to take further steps.

Here ‘s the shocking news, homes with high quality photography sell 32 percent faster. It’s found buyers to get better deals in real estate property and photos are those things to grab and hold the attention before they set their mind to visit the location or approach the agent.

Through Photoshop, Lightroom and other photo editing tools it’s possible to rectify those areas and through retouching, you can make it easier to enhance the looks of the image.

Professional photographers know their stuff and know how to make it perfect before presenting, but if you are really unknown about editing or unknown about the correct picture clarity to show up, might deceive the buyers’ interest and lose the sale on the spot.

Buyers’ reactions when viewing the photos which you edited are totally different when viewing in real-time.

“Lack of editing skills might end up a big loss for a real estate agent in selling the property to the right buyer” – Editblocks

Also, you might lose that client forever due to a lack of experience in editing those pictures.

 How do you really edit your real estate photos? 

And what output do your agents expect from your end?

Here some basic real estate editing terms and techniques that every real estate photographer should know…

Color Correction

Real estate photos go wrong when shooting interiors or exteriors with artificial and natural light that combines, effect the real feel of the property in the image.

And mixed lighting does match real estate photography so through color correction it is possible to adjust the color tone to the point and increase the quality of the photographs to match the original colors of the property.

Enhancing Image Quality

Photographers often fail to capture the correct images from the camera because of weather condition or the lighting inside that goes wrong in shooting the backgrounds, blurry focus, distortions, etc during photo shoots to eliminate those errors in the image post procession help to clear out the blurriness, brightness, sharpness, white balance and much more to enhance the overall look of the image.


One of the mistakes where everyone is cropping the images too much for interior and exterior shots produces a wrong feeling in the viewer’s mind and the home looks smaller than the original one.

Sometimes people crop the furniture, room, doorway and electrical posts, water towers, or other objects for the exterior. So don’t crop too much to un-show the hidden features of the interiors and also the permanent objects for the outer view.

Perspective Correction

Most photographers do face the problem when it comes to distortions in their architectural photographs. It might impact the sales to eliminate the tilt shifts in vertical and horizontal to get a perfect angle to view the image.

Sky replacement or sky removal

Sky replacement or sky removal is very essential when it comes to improving the look of the image to attract buyers with clear, sunny and blue skies. It is very simple and easy to replace the dull skies to change the overall feel of the property.

Item Removal 

You can remove unappealing furniture, stamp boards, dustbins, and unwanted clutter so that the image looks more attractive and which really makes people feel welcome when viewing the space which is very clean and neat.

Final Touch

Don’t mislead your buyers by hiding the main areas or any objects in the image. As being into image-editing we show up the present condition of the property without hiding anything. So the buyers would get to know the full potential of the property that they’re looking for.

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