How HDR Helps In Shooting Real Estate Photography?

Do HDR photography is effective in shooting Real estate property??

Yes it works perfectly fine when using HDR for real estate and most photographers use HDR technology to produce the high contrast scenes.

HDR plays a vital role when shooting and editing the stuffs to make it more natural in the eyes of human as camera can’t take as much lights as our human eye sees, so you need shoot the same scene for multiple times with different settings to create HDR photos that make the image more natural.

Editblocks - HDR Interior

And this is what HDR gives a better flexibility to photographers when filming real estate property.

What problem faced while working on interior or for property ?

Real estate is all about selling or renting the property whether it’s a house,apartment ,villa or hotel the successful strategy to market this property online through photographs and videos which shows the outside and inside view to attract the visitors and later convert them to buyers.

Problem occurs when shooting overexposed and underexposed areas of a room where we can’t expect a balanced shot you will notice shadowy corners and bright windows.And HDR is the only remedy to bracket photos and lastly blend the bracketed photos for a balanced image.

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What is HDR Photography?

HDR is the measurement of the difference between brightest part of the image and the darkest part of the image.Instead of taking one photo, the photographer require to take 3 or more photos in different exposures and blending it all together creating a wonderful one piece image.

How you need to shoot interiors for a proper HDR photos?

According to amount of light in the room you need to shoot around three or more bracket exposures as in a room there will be a mixture of both natural and artificial lights.As per the light intensity of a room you can change the brackets.

“Bracketing means taking several photos of a same scene with different settings”

HDR is the process of balancing the bright and dark areas and this would done when taking multiple exposures.You can take 5 to 6 shots of each directions and plenty of shots give you more freedom to experiment of your own.

Exposures which contain

1.One which is underexposed

2.Another one which is less underexposed

3.Middle exposures ( balance in the bright highlights)

4.Over exposed

5.Completely blown out expose

How you need to edit the photographs of interiors?

As explained above you have took all those exposures and to take the values from each exposure and blend that values into one photo.

And the best tools which you can use is the Lightroom which will give you the freedom to blend all the values and turn it into one without losing the quality.And make sure you shoot all your images in RAW not in Jpeg for better flexibility in editing the photos.

When editing the bracketed photos you need to be experienced on working with tools if your not much experienced working with lightroom or photoshop then outsourcing your editing work can be better option where you can save your valuable time and money.

You can consider mainly only on your photography and focus on your clients work to meet the deadlines.


Working with mixed lighting is a challenging job which required color correction and post processing but the result tends to warm looking spaces.

Share your experience in comment when dealing mixed lighting in the room

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