Do Real Estate Agents Take Listing Photos or Hire a Professional Photographer

Can real estate agents take photos? 

Taking pics of your own property would be a risky job and it is HARD to sell property with low-quality images.

Poor quality images result in overexposed, grainy, distorted, over saturated or underexposed that won’t convert into sales.

Poor Quality images = Rejection from a buyer’s perspective

Editing images makes a big difference but it also a time consuming job.

We don’t think you will spend your valuable time studying photography concepts and learn image editing.

HIRING a professional photographer can ease you job who can take high- quality photographs of your property to list on your website.

According to – listings with professional photos close 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than those not listed with professional photos.”

As the real estate market is getting tougher day by day, many realtors are doing their best in listing their images on various real estate websites and on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to grow their business fast.

The shocking news is HD videos and photos are grabbing more attention that leads to sales.

And images is all that convey a buyer to proceed a step further to review the website and look for the price of the property.

I have real estate agents who are on Instagram and Facebook but they just use the pictures to put on the listing for the house,” said Miller.

SHOCKING ! Professional real estate photography statistics 2019

  • In 2018, 5.5 million existing homes were sold in the U.S (Source)
  • As per the real estate expert predict 22% of total commercial drone use for real estate business by 2020 (Source
  • By the end of 2020 house listing that has aerial listing will sell out 68% faster than standard images (Source)
  • U.S. Median Home Price Increases 4.8 Percent In Q3 2018 (Source)

2019 will be more profitable for the real estate business as per the National Association of Realtors (NAR) sales to increase 1% to about 5.4 million for the median home prices to rise 3.1% to around $266,800 in 2019 and expected $274,000 in 2020. (source).

5 Mistakes do real estate agents make when shooting photos of their own??

1.That your not an expert in photography

When you’re not an expert in photography then it’s better to hire a photographer who can do their best in shooting photos for your real estate property.

As a professional photographer are much trained and have years of experience in shooting photos. They know how to shoot photos on a real-time to grab the attention of the buyers through images.

Don’t consider this as an expense in paying the salary to a professional but in return a good quality photos to list in your website, social media, flyers and other platforms,

2. Don’t know how to take pictures

Real estate agent considers to shoot photos using iPhone or low-quality camera that doesn’t produce a better output which your potential buyers expect from you.

Real estate agents don’t know the mode to take pictures mostly they take pictures using JPEG that doesn’t give much room to edit photos using photo editing tools.

We worked with real estate agents who delivered their photos of the interiors and that too in JPEG format to edit photos to look natural. We found a lot of mistakes in the images while editing the photos.

Images were overexposed with no bracketing shots.

3. Unknown about Drone photo and video quality

As per our own experience in editing drone photos, we found drone photography is a new trending way to grab buyers’ attention as drone gives more flexibility to the photographers to shoot in any direction.

And a video of a real estate property using the drone is just beating up the competition in real-time.

The drone is a real trend for a realtor to shoot high-quality video and photos to capture the full house from various angles.

If your still not using this technology then you will be losing a big opportunity.

4. Not taking serious about competition near you

Not aware of other competitors in your town who are doing well on various aspects of building professionals website, hiring expert photographers, social media promotions, etc.

As you need to research more about your competitors what basically they are doing in terms of making more sales.

Mostly they would be hiring local photographers who are professional in shooting photos for them that is what the real recipe for a realtor to grab more clients.

Think about it! Don’t waste time shooting photos of your own if your not a photographer.

5. Wasting your valuable time in shooting photos

Don’t waste your valuable time on shooting photos in that time you would hire a photographer for your real estate and start focusing on your marketing and getting connected to your buyers.

The more time you spend on marketing you will get to know your buyer’s psychology and work accordingly to fulfill their requirements through professional images, video, virtual tour of the property, etc.

Do you think hiring a professional photographer would be more profitable to take good listing photos?

Yes!! mostly most of the real estate agents hire professional photographers to shoot their properties that help a realtor to list the images on the website and also that helps to promote online.

They are the only ones who would bring more SALES to your business. 

Images with professional touch tend to sell faster as compared to low-quality images clicked through phone or camera without knowing the concept of shooting real estate photography.

Photographers have years of experience shooting photos and videos for real estate that looks so professional (HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES) from different angles.


They know the buyer’s concept in viewing the property so they choose the right location to shoot photos that appeal to the NEXT generation buyers.

How much do real estate photographers charge??

Realtors pay around $135 to $300 to professional photographers depending on the size of the property and the number of images.

A basic shoot generally involves minimal driving distance for the photographer, and delivery of only 25-50 photos.

For doing video it cost around $225 for homes over 3,000 square feet and $190 for homes under 3,000 square feet. (source).

Aerial video with Interior shots will cost around $2,000 to $5,000 whereas a traditional non-aerial photo package costs $300 to $500 according to Gonzalez (source).


Don’t think this as an expense to hire a professional but think about the return on Investment (ROI) when you market your high-quality images to the targeted audience.

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