Benefits of Virtual Staging in the Digital World to Generate Qualified Leads?

benefits of virtual staging in real word

From 2019 profile home staging report from National Association of Realtors:-

Impact of Buyer Viewing a Staged Home

83% of buyers agents have said staging a home made it easier for the buyers to visualize the property as their future home.

The rooms which made buyers so important when viewing online on real estate listings.

Now Buyers are mainly looking for the staged living room, master bedroom, and staged kitchen.

When it comes to budget?

  • 25% buyers said the staged home has a rise of 1% to 5% dollar value
  • 12% buyers said the staged home has a rise of 6% to 10% dollar value
  • 4% buyers said the staged home has a rise of 11% to 15% dollar value

And the median dollar spent on home staging was $400

From the above stats, we can estimate that dollar value is going to rise in the coming years to 20% to 30% based upon the taste of the buyers when it comes to staging the whole house with the latest design furniture, wall decor and other interior decorations.

Does an agent or seller can afford to invest in physical staging in the coming years? 

According to Jorge L. Guerra Jr., the president and chief executive officer of Real Estate Sales Force in Coral Gables, Florida said:

Staging is getting more expensive, and mostly home stagers are charging $4,000 to $8,000 

And most of the agents found virtual staging, which is cheaper and that cost around $100 to $150 minimum based upon the requirement.

Here are some benefits that realtors want to look when moving to the modern staging 

advantage of virtual staging

Digital customization of the rooms 

It is easy to customize the empty room, especially the master bedroom, living room or the kitchen.

Through virtual staging, it’s not hard to change the paint of the wall or erase existing furniture or redecorating anything in the room.

Whatever it may be, through digital staging, it’s possible to changes whatever your buyers need. 

When compared to physical staging, it’s a tiresome job to switch the current design to the new design and cost varies when you replace or fix physical things based upon the design and quality.

Marketing and Selling your home online

Virtual staging is a powerful tool to promote staged home images on top real estate listings and also on social media to grab the buyer’s attention.

It not only helps to boost sales but creates demand in the market, resulting from closing the deal at a higher price.

How it helps realtors or sellers when it comes to selling the property?

Most of people don’t have any idea about how to decor the empty rooms with furniture or to replace unwanted things from the places.

Virtual staging gives an idea about how to utilize that space and making edits like changing colors, flooring, window coverings, landscaping, adding attached bookshelves, furniture, etc.

It gives a better idea about house decor and how to make it look more attractive.

It would be best if you found your goals first….

If your ultimate goal is to drive more leads and to attract buyers through listing to create general interest on the buyer’s mind then go with virtual staging.

If your goal is to provide buyers to view the home in real, then you can go with traditional staging.

For us, it is something different when it comes to selling a home in a digital world that gives the buyers a better understanding of the layout of a room and the results look quite impressive.


When it comes to cost, compared to traditional staging, it’s not very expensive and a better investment for both realtor and buyers to market on MLS, you can either use virtual staging software or virtual staging services according to your budget.

And it’s a one-time payment to the service provider or to use the software to stage homes no additional charges or hidden charges.

Check this article on whether Virtual Staging worth When it comes to selling the homes?

Feedback from the clients

We often discuss with our clients about the difference between traditional and modern staging and what makes them so curious to move towards computer-aided technique to stage home.

Most of them replied in terms of traditional staging; it takes time to arrange furniture and decor the rooms and cost-wise it’s way too expensive to pay.

Also, we asked whether unfurnished or furnished homes sell faster??

And according to the 2018 home, staging statistics survey result in 85% of the staged homes sold for 6-25% more than an unstaged homes.

Leaving over to you, let us know what you thing about virtual staging?

If you have any other questions or need more information about staging your home, then feel free to contact us at

We can help you with staging your home.

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