14 Tips & Techniques to improve your real estate photography as professionals do with Helpful GUIDE

Photographers who are new or already in the field of real estate photographer will be looking to improve photography to the next LEVEL. To do that you need to follow real-time techniques that other photographers do and which made them experts in the field of architecture photography.

As the real estate market is a highly profitable business to sell or buy the property online or offline through the help of a property dealer. The agents need to show off the images and videos to their buyers to convince them to buy the property so it most crucial part for promoting catchy images to win the crowd of competitions and it all depends in the hands of a photographer.

Images and videos are highly preferred by customers to convenience and to gain their trust to sell or buy the property and a huge opportunity for photographers who are looking to start up their career in this field.

14 Tips & Techniques to use to improve your real estate photography

Before you start your journey to build a career in photography you should make this as a note to follow up

  1. Prepare your bag – get ready with your tools before you head over to the spot giving your best. Take your camera, lens, tripod, drone, additional flashlight, diffuser if needed.
  2. Buy a digital camera – Buy a fully framed digital camera with a good sensor which can take better photographs according to your needs.
  3. Use wide lenses – Focal length and focus do matter to cover both interior and exterior for clear, crisp and sharp image capture. Lenses with 16 – 30 mm is best for real estate photography. Here is the list of best lenses for real estate photography.
  4. Use your tripod – use a tripod when taking pictures when shooting in both interior or exterior images to prevent camera movement when working on low slow-speed exposures.
  5. Shoot in different exposure – When you find the surroundings with different lighting then it better to shots three images in different exposure one with normal other with overexposed and the last one with underexposed. When combined produce an HDR effect that makes the image more unique and brings out the natural feel in the image. Multi-exposures named as bracketing.
  6. Present your work in 360 degree – Nowadays 360 Panorama image is in huge demand Where clients willing to see the virtual tour of the interiors home or the exteriors surroundings. So including the 360-degree view in your service add an advantage to your photography.
  7. Analyze the area – whether you’re looking to shoot interior or exterior check for the areas where you can take good photos and a free shape to start your work.
  8. Make videos – Videos make things more natural and authentic to watch the whole property which includes both interiors, exteriors, and surroundings. Through video, you can make your buyers more appealing and it’s a better way to convince the buyer. Taking video or images with the help of a drone makes more attractive.
  9. Wait and shoot for outdoors – Mostly make a plan to shoot photos in perfect lighting condition. Don’t take photos in HARSH sunlight condition instead choose a cloudy day or make plans to take shot on Dusk when the sun is down to show off better results. Timing is the major factor in your photography.
  10. Prepare yourself before taking photos of the interior – When taking photos of interior you need to make sure that unnecessary objects should be removed and make necessary arrangements of a flower vase or anything decorative items to places somewhere which makes more attractive. Remove furniture, desks or stools which block the place to take clear photos. You should work on all the rooms like Kitchen, dining room, bedroom, hall room.
  11. Make your image more natural – As many clients do demand to shoot in natural light to produce a high-quality image. Taking photos on low light conditions produce dark effect or lights from the tusgenet produce yellowish color in the image which doesn’t look natural. To overcome this you need to edit the photos in editing software. If you feel that you can’t take risk of editing photos without destroying it then you can serve your photos to professional editors who do real estate photo editing work to get your job done in minutes.

Here are is cool infographic presented by experts photography about Real estate photography

12. Adjusting light for interiors– if you feel lights are insufficient to shoot photos then use an extra flashlight in darker areas of the room or light up lights of the room to capture some better photos.

13. Follow the experts – you need to follow your mentors who are photographer ninja who take awesome photography of real estate both interior and exterior follow them on various social media. Listen to your broadcast, videos and other articles to know what technique they use to produce astonic images.

14. Experiment on your clicks – After taking few clicks on various composition for both interior and exterior you need to experiment in your editing tools which one work well to edit and find some of the pictures in different exposures to combine and create HDR images.

Here is a quick check list of shooting your interior photos

Here is the guide to shoot exterior photo

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